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    Looks great! Mountain goats are a dream hunt for me, maybe one day...

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    Thanks for all the comments everyone. I have been worried about how he was going to turn out and am very happy with how he did turn out and how he fits on the wall.

    Quote Originally Posted by kansasdad View Post
    Wow, how can it be 4 hunting seasons ago that you got your goat? Turned out quite nicely, like he wanted to own that part of your wall.
    Sometimes it feels like it has been a decade since that hunt and sometimes it feels like it was last year. Having him on my wall will be great to help bring back the memories. It was a great hunt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldog0156 View Post
    I'll be honest, I'm extremely critical of taxidermy which is why I don't often reply to posts like this, but I think your goat turned out fantastic!
    Thanks. I'm the same way and so it makes me worry a bit more about how my own mounts turn out. My taxidermist didn't say so but I think this may be his first mountain goat. I probably should have gone with a taxidermist up north that has done several, but I've always been happy with the end result of my local taxidermist so I stuck with him on this one. He was also a bit cheaper than most of the taxidermists up north charge and that probably had something to do with my decision as well. I was surprised when I was looking at the progress of my goat the past few weeks that he has my 2013 Wyoming Elk pedestal mount as the picture on his business cards so I guess he likes the work that he has done for me as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by MontanaHunter222 View Post
    That's incredible! Very nice! (Hopefully your hunting skills have somehow rubbed off onto that jacket you're sending. Haha.)
    The jacket is on it's way. Not sure my hunting skills have much to do with the goat, the hardest part is drawing the tag although it did take 7 days of hunting to punch it on a billy.

    Quote Originally Posted by LopeHunter View Post
    Looks great and like the position on the wall. Would you go on another goat hunt?
    Thanks. I would go on another goat hunt in a heartbeat. I've got some points in Colorado and Utah and think I have a chance to draw one of them in the next 10 years. Colorado was always my best option. I just need to stay in shape until I draw.

    They really are an awesome animal to hunt. I learned a LOT about them before my hunt and even more about them during the hunt. They are so unique in so many ways. I was VERY lucky to draw the tag and very happy to be able to fill it with such a beautiful animal.

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