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    Quote Originally Posted by Addicting View Post
    Success of a different sort, introducing the next generation Nosler. My 6 year old loading some 140g Accubonds up for Dad.

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    I wish there was a like button.
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    Congratulations Gr8bawana! Neat prize that should lead to a whole new batch of trophy pics, good luck.
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    140 grain Nosler Accubond handloaded for a 7mm-08. First antelope with a rifle; first animal with my own handloads.
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    Default First Pronghorn

    First Pronghorn. Taken this year. I handloaded 150 grain Nosler Partition's in my .270 Winchester. I can't see me ever changing what I use. Same load has taken white-tailed deer in Michigan and feral hogs in Florida. I have never needed more than one, and have never recovered the slug.

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    Not a great pic, but rain was falling, and I wanted to get her dressed. 1st rifle hunt in 2 years, been picking up ML tags lately. 120gr ballistic tip out of a 6.5 Grendel. First harvest with this particular rifle. Bullet really did a great job.
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    My two bucks taken this fall with an Browning X-Bolt in 300 H&H using Nosler 180 grn accubond trophy grade ammo. The 1st was at 52 yds, the 2nd at 125 yds.

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    I got two bucks in NC this year with 130gr Nosler Accubonds out of a 270 winchester
    Buck #1 was 157 yards broadside
    Buck #2 was 75 yards quartering to
    Both bullets were recovered under the hide in the off shoulder and were perfect mushrooms!
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    Opening Morning of MN Rifle Season, 7mm-08 Nosler 140 Grain Ballistic Tip, 85 yards in the swamp dropped him in his tracks.
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    7mm08 Tikka, 140 gr partitions

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    All shot using 165 grain Accubonds out of a 30-06. All but one using a Savage LWH.

    Last year

    This year

    Ruger Rifle

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    200 gr Nosler Partitions from my 30-06. Arctic grizzly in the Brooks Range, Alaska, spring of 2017.

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    .264 Win Mag with a 120gr Nosler BT Name:  image.jpeg
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    2018 Wyoming pronghorn, 30-06 with a handloaded 165 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip, at about 250 yards:

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    2018 mule deer buck, 25-06 with handloaded 115 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip at a bit over 350 yards, Wyoming:

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    Who ended up winning the Nosler Package?

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    For 2018 hunt:

    My first ever elk, taken at 370 yards with one of Randy’s favorites, a 7mm08 with Nosler 140 grain E-Tip factory ammo. Would post a pic of the recovered bullet but it is probably still flying somewhere in Wyoming!

    And my Wyoming mule deer buck taken with the same rifle and factory Nosler ammo:

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    This years meat in the freezer. 7mm-08 handloads with Nosler brass and 140 Nosler Accubonds. Taken at a whopping 25 yards. Name:  2018 opening day 8 point].jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilderness_56587 View Post
    Who ended up winning the Nosler Package?
    I don't think that has happened for the 2018 hunters.


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