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    I just got a Rem 700 ADL in 30-06. I am wanting to put together a load. I would like to use it for a moose in NF but most of the time will be mule deer and elk. What grain so yall think i shoukd go with as a do all bullet.

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    168 gn TTSX will get it done (remember that since you get 99% weight retention you will get the performance of a 180-200gn lead alternative).
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    I80gr accubond or partition gets my vote. I'd try RL22 with either one. I'm still not sold on solid bullet performance.

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    I personally shoot 165's in mine and reload for my dad and brothers. It seems to be a good compromise between 150s and 180s. I have no experience with the monometal bullets but I think that would be a great choice as well. I shoot Hornady bullets at the moment, but am not a brand fanboy. I think the Nosler offerings would probably fit your bill just fine.
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    180 grain Nosler partition, 56 grains IMR4350
    Job done.
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    I'd go with a copper monolithic bullet in the 165-170 grain range. Depending on your barrel twist, you could potentially go a little higher.
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    Check out the 166g Hammer Hunter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noharleyyet View Post
    Check out the 166g Hammer Hunter.
    Watched a guy anchor a cow at 507 with that bullet in a .30-06. Loading them in mine. mtmuley

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    I've only used one load and bullet weight in my 30-06 for years and it has served me well. I shoot a 165 gr. Nosler Accubond or Partition. It will work just fine for all the game you listed and more. IMR4350 and H4350 are two good powders to start with!

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    Barnes TTSX 168gr in front of H4350.

    The 30-06 is very forgiving when it comes to hand loading. You shouldn't have much trouble finding what works for your rifle.
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    165-180 coupled with Reloader 17.

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    My 30/06 loves the 168 TTSX pushed by 55.0 grains of IMR-4350.

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    I’ve had great success with the following in 30-06:
    165 and 168 TTSX (168 has been more finicky on load development)
    165 Accubonds
    180 Accubonds

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    I use mostly Barnes TTSX 150 grain bullets in my 30.06's. For powder, either IMR 4064 or IMR 4350.

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    Couple of years ago, fall of 2016, I used my 30-06 and one handload for four species:

    mule deer @ 140 yards, one shot drop, had to administer a finishing shot when I walked up on it
    antelope @ 245 yards, one shot kill
    black bear @ 325 yards, one shot kill
    cow elk @ 338 yards, one shot kill

    Load was the 165 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip over a max charge of H4350, for good velocity and excellent accuracy. That 165 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip is a tougher bullet than many imagine.

    If I was contemplating a bullet more for elk, moose & bear, I'd change up to the 165 Nosler Partition, or perhaps one of the many 180 gr bullets available. The ol' 30-06 is a great cartridge for the hunter, and will do most of what needs to be done afield.

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