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    Default Son got a good one

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    My son got his best the other day. He said he was already out of the blind, back at the truck, n loading everything up. Looked down the road n saw this boy cruising for does. He then got the rifle back out, got the wind rt, n then put a sneak on him. He said he got with in range but some of the farm implements were a ways behind him. He then had to wait for him to move into the brush n offered a good shot. One well placed bullet later n my boy had his best on the ground.
    Called my bud a taxidermist n now me n the wife are done Christmas shopping for him!!!
    The only problem is that his son; my grandson which I posted his first last month, was not too happy. Im kind of happy for dad, but why did he have to shoot one bigger than mine!!!!

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    Beautiful buck and a heck of a Christmas gift. Looks like his youngest is still unimpressed.
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    Congratulations awesome buck! Sometimes it is great to be lucky.

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    Heck of a buck!

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    Looks like a good one!

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    Good looking buck right there
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