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    After seeing what a 6.5CM did to 2 elk I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one. Light recoil, flat shooting, lots of reloading component options...a great gun that will last your child through adulthood.
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    Truckloads of elk have fallen to young hunters shooting the 243 here in Montana. Some old hunters, too.

    Maybe elk are tougher in other states..
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    Thank you so much for the overwhelming responses! A lot of great advice in this thread.

    At this point I feel I am being swayed to the 7-08 over the 243.

    But I do have another question: out of the 243, 6.5, 7-08 which one has the superior ballistic coefficient? Or are they all pretty similar? Just curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerichoBronco View Post

    But I do have another question: out of the 243, 6.5, 7-08 which one has the superior ballistic coefficient? Or are they all pretty similar?
    BC isn't something to worry about in a youth rifle. mtmuley

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    6.5 is known for it's BC. In fact that's the reason for it's popularity. Again though, probably not a major factor I would concern myself with. All of these cartridges will shoot plenty far and flat for hunting purposes.
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    This might serve as a reference for you.Name:  IMG_20180109_223229338_LL.jpg
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    How about the Howa mini action in 6.5 Grendel? A bit small for elk but should do the job on deer

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtmuley View Post
    BC isn't something to worry about in a youth rifle. mtmuley
    yup! unless she's gonna be shooting 450, BC isn't much of a consideration! That being said, you aren't comparing apples to apples... a heavier .243 will have a higher BC than a light .284...but, the heavier .284's have a higher BC than all the .243's (everything else being equal of course). I use a 6.5x284 for lopes/deer/elk, love it, and have taken plenty of each with that caliber. that being kids will both start with a .243

    Why not just get her the .243 and worry about it later if she does actually get an elk tag? start her easy at the range. It's not like you'd lose much money if you had to upgrade that rifle to a bigger one later's totally worth it to spoil your kid!

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    Lots of good responses here, but will throw in a few ideas.
    Here is Wisconsin, I know quite a few ladies that started hunting with a 270. Probably a little much, but I’d be curious how much a muzzlebreak (brake?) would help shooting a regular 130gr bullet.

    My wife got absolutely throttled by my old 20 gauge back when we were in the process of switching from shotgun-only to rifle, so to ease any apprehension toward shooting, I bought her a 25-06 A-bolt that already had a break on it. That gun is an absolute dream to shoot. It kicks less than my old 410 and 25-06 should have just a bit more oomph than the 243, though I don’t know that for fact, but I know that it puts an absolute whooping on deer. Bet a good non-lead bullet could handle elk at close range.

    Completely irrelevant to this conversation, my next rifle will be a 7mm-08. Everyone that has one loves them, and won’t be quite as mean as my 30-06 when I’m looking to fill some doe tags
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    My boys all started with reduced .308 or 30-06 loads.

    My favorite daughter went with a 7-08 with 120 grain bullets.

    All kill deer and elk efficiently.

    At the range, double up on the hearing protection. Muzzle blast and noise account for a lot of the perceived recoil.

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