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    First off I apologize for the dumb questions I am a flatlander planning my first DIY trip out west for mule deer going early season archery. I really hope to get out scouting once this summer before the season but that's not a guarantee at this point so I want to do as much e scouting as possible. Everything I have read about early season is above timber. I am just starting to do my e scouting but what am I looking for when I am looking at google earth? I have a couple pics below of the area I think I want to hike into what areas would you look for deer in? Thanks for any help or tips you can help me with.Name:  Snap1.jpg
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    During the midday, I'd look at mostly North or east facing slopes - but that's just me.

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    Look for water , food and cover. than look for travel routs between. Draws, Saddles + benches for bedding.

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    What state? Deer live in a variety of terrain in each state, even one mountain range to the next

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    This is northner Colorado

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    Looks step!

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