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    I would worry more about boots, packs, glass, driving to your hunting spot, what you plan on having for breakfast, etc. than how a 7-08 is going to handle elk to 300...
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    7mm-08 is more than enough for cow elk or bull elk! Use it! Good luck!

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    From personal experience on whitetails, SSTs from 308 and 300 Win would shoot very accurate; as others have said. But I found from both guns, the jackets would separate from the lead. I would then find chunks of jacket throughout the cavity. I load 140 gr Interlocks for my 13yr old 7mm-08. They group 3/4 inch and do alot of damage on deer and bear. I haven't tried the new ELDs in 7mm-08, but think they would do good also. The ELDs worked good on my elk this year, 300 Win. Just stick with a quality bullet and put it in lungs.

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