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  1. Default What bag size is preferred?

    Looking at buying my pack

    The plan as of now is to carry camp for 3 days or so return to the truck after and regroup and decided if we want to return to that area or go to a new

    Im looking at possibly a kuiu pack and wanted to know everyone's thoughts on size should I look at a 3200 size or a 5200, bigger, smaller?

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    Go bigger with a pack that's compressible

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    The pack I use for 4-5 day trips is 4800. I think 5200 would be plenty of room.

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    5k cubic inches is a great size.

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    Another vote for 5k or thereabouts

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    and another vote for 5k+. Most of the good packs nowadays compress down to day pack size if need be and don't weigh much more than the smaller pack.

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    I use the 3300 for a day pack (very big for a day pack, but when hunting with your kids its amazing how much more stuff you pack) then I use a 7200 for longer overnight trips. Don't forget you will need more room if you are packing into areas with little water and you also need to take into account the space needed if you are successful.

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    I used the MR Metcalf last year for a 3 day hunt and found it to be adequately sized for the job at 4333 cu-in. I wouldn't want to go any smaller than that. But I also probably pack way more than the bare minimum as well.

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    I guess I'm in the minority here, but I prefer a smaller pack. I use a 3300 for 5-7 day hunts. I guess I feel like it simplifies my setup. Probably all in my head but it definitely limits the amount of unnecessary things carried.

    That said, it is completely stuffed full on those longer hunts. I have 5600 & 6200 packs too, but I always find myself stuffing that 3300 full.

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    Bag size is dependent in large part on what time of year you are hunting and the quality of your other gear. A cheap sleeping bag and pad are going to take up way more space than an ultralight setup, and in August you are going to have way less clothes than in October.

    During a 3 day hunt during archery season my SG 5100 is probably 60-70% full and I don't bring the lid, for a 3-4 day mid Oct I typically have the bag maxed out + the lid + the access bag so maybe 6200.

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    I'll echo Arcola here. I run the EXO 3500 for 7-day backcountry hunts. I am one to overpack for trips so having the 3500 allows me to pack everything I need, without packing the things I don't. This keeps my pack lighter, yet not skipping out on any of the necessities. Strapping things to the outside of the pack gives you more space, if needed.
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    I have an KUIU Icon Pro 3200. Its all about how much you want to bring. I would go with a 5200 that is not overloaded and leaves room for some pack out.

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