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  1. Default Colorado GMU 18 vs 68 1st rifle elk

    I was hoping to get y'all's opinion on either of these 2 units. I live in Central Texas so unit 68 is 4 hours closer. Making it the easier one to get to. I have hunted unit 62, 5 times before and decided it was time for a mix-up. Any advice or first hand experiences to help me decide would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've hunted both and wasn't impressed with either. Numbers in 68 seem to be pretty low. 18 was a shit show no matter how far in I got. I'm the kind of guy that likes to find 1 area, and keep hunting, and learning it. If 62 has given you success, I'd stick with it.

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    I never did have success in 62. I had a chance the last year i was there (09), but the range finder gave a bad reading. The sun hit it just right and my shot ended up being way low.

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