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    Default Colorado Unit 30 - cow elk - first time youth hunt

    I am taking my boy on his first Elk hunt this year but since we are non residents and he is still in school I have to do a late season or extended youth hunt. I was looking at Unit 30 which I have never been to, I hunt Unit 7 & 8. I don't want to burn his points for a cow only hunt and Unit 30 seems to have excellent draw odds for late season. Any general pointers would be welcome, he has Wisconsin whitetail under his belt but want him to experience a high country hunt. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattswan619 View Post
    I don't want to burn his points for a cow only hunt and Unit 30 seems to have excellent draw odds for late season.
    The unit 30 late hunt is cow only. Maybe you mistyped?

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    sorry, I meant I didn't want him to burn points in another unit for a bull or either tag only to have to do an extended youth cow only hunt in that unit since the wife won't let me take him out of school. Does that make sense.

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    Makes sense. Unit 30 is steep even by CO standards, at least the part with elk. Some roads close and other can become impassible by 12/15 due to snow. Make sure you have OnX on you phone or GPS as there are small parcels of private that is not always marked. The reason for this late season is to get the elk out of the deer winter range. Once they start getting shot at on 12/15 they head back uphill and away from easy access areas.

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    The unit 30 late season cow hunt is not a typical "high country" hunt. You're banking on the elk coming off the high county, into the lower elevations where you can get to them. I assume you've read the extended youth info?

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    I highly recommend OnX or some GPS ability to get around the private land. Also, get used to glassing a lot. That country doesn't look like much from the roads, but if you hike strategically, it can really open up. Be prepared for oak brush, it's not all alpine, classic elk country, but mostly oaks with pinion juniper. They're in there, we've pulled cows out of there. I've also passed up some that we spotted but just flat couldn't get to them and get them out. You may see some really nice bucks, it's hard to get those tags but they're still fun to watch. Bring chains, that mud can be an emotional experience if it gets super sloppy. Good luck!
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    I have. This is exactly what I was looking for, info on them coming off the high country to lower flats.

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    Excellent, thank you guys for the info. It is a good start

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