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  1. Default Guides for elk hunting unit 78 and or 81 Colorado

    Recently relocated ( part time) to Chama NM
    and am looking for someone
    willing to guide for fee
    myself and friend elk hunting unit 81 or
    78 next fall . Plan to get either archery
    or 2 nd rifle OTC tags. Sort of semi DIY hunt
    as opposed to full blown outfitter guided hunts .
    we know nothing about these units and have
    never done a DIY hunt for elk though I
    got an elk in northern Co on an outfitter
    (Expensive) guided rifle hunt

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    Guides are required to be permitted for the NF they are operating on. Just a heads up...

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    Ok thanks ; I didn’t realize that ; so I will need to
    confirm they are permitted if they guide us. Main concern we have
    is getting lost in those vast wilderness areas; very different
    from hunting out of deer stands over feeders on ranches
    here in Texas.

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    Good luck on your search. Gohunt and a phone call to the USFS office can help you hone in on your search. I will say though you might enjoy a DIY hunt. A GPS with a onxmap chip can help you keep your way. Either way enjoy the country.

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    Hunted 78 for many years. If you are comfortable using your GPS or onx, I don't believe you would need a guide. Plenty of accessable country not to far from trails. Elk numbers have been declining in those units though, so a semi guided hunt that would get you off on the right foot may be worth it.

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    Dont let getting lost bother you i hiked in last year alone and with a gps with onx chip you can find your way.. just throw your pack on and go its worth it.

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    Bringing a GPS is a must, also bring a good map and compass, dont rely on electronics alone. Do you have NM residency? There is good elk hunting all over the northern part of NM around Chama that would be a lot cheaper than non-res CO elk tag.

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