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    I want to upgrade my binoculars. I just cant justify thousands of dollars when I hunt in the midwest on private property via treestands. I am really considering the meopta meostars 10x42's. Anyone here have experience with the meopta brand binoculars? I have a couple of their scopes and they have been great on my rifles.
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    I can’t speak to Meopta, but my first hand experience with Maven supports it being a great value priced option.
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    Meopta's Meostar is great glass for the money. The Meostar 10X42 is a great model with performance that is right up there with the rest of the top euro brands. Contact me if interested in a price.
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    Generally speaking the glass is right up there if not better than some lines of the top 3 (swaro leica and zeiss). Only common complaint is the ergonomics of the binos. One of the heaviest out there and just don't fit great in a lot of peoples hands. For some people it doesn't bother them at all or even prefer it, but for others it is a deal breaker. I guess my point it to try before you buy. Remember the cabelas euro is the same thing, might give you a place to go check them out if nothing else. Schmalts is great to deal with and would surely recommend buying through him

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