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    Quote Originally Posted by Losing_Sanity View Post
    One interesting round was the 8mm German Mauser. It gained some popularity for a while but you don't hear much anymore about an 8 mm. My understanding is, it was real close in performance to the 30-06 but bullet selection and options was not great.
    Sir, I was hoping someone with more knowledge than I would respond. The 8mm mauser is in fact similar to the 30-06, perhaps a bit weaker and some still have and use them in Europe, not so much anymore in Africa.

    One of the problems has been the fact the the 8mm is also the 7.92 x 57, 8 x 57 and the 318 mauser ( not to be confused with the 318 Westley Richards which has a bore size if 330 ). To further complicate the matter, the 8 x 57 came in two bore sizes the 318 and 323. ( 318--I and J ) ( 323 -- IS, JS, S)

    Brent, I thought about two others today while waiting in doctor offices ---Didnt Morgan Freeman use a Spenser in Unforgiven ?---and what did Redford use in Jeremiah Johnson, ? These were both hunting movies--sort of LOL

    Losingsanity--btw, a lot of the problem at that time is God forbid that Germany and England was going to call anything the same thing, even if it was
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    I'm not sure about the movie The Unforgiven. Redford used a 50 cal. Hawken he got from the frozen corpse of "Hatchet Jack" The rifle he bought in St Louis at the beginning of the movie was also a Hawken but I think in a smaller caliber I think around 30 cal. Hatchet Jack had a run in with a Grizzly and suffered two broken leg's but he said the bear was also killed. His note he left said something like " It's a good rifle, it kilt the bear that kilt me" I think that's how he spelled killed but heck he was a trapper not a teacher lol.


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    Yes, Freeman had a Spencer, I'm 90% sure. Great movie. I've never had a Spencer but I think it was only viable as a military arm. It wasn't much of a shooter for accuracy and wasn't really a big hunting round so far as I know. The Henry and some others came along on its heels, even before the Civil War was over and replaced it.

    Jeremiah Johnson was all about a Hawken muzzleloader. They are considered the crème de la crème of hunting muzzleloaders in that era that time. They were usually large caliber 56-58 caliber but I recall some controversy about that in the movie. I think he said something about it being a smaller caliber when he found it in the tree with the body of the dead trapper (which would have rusted it badly I would think. But the Hawken from St. Louis was the gun of the era.

    There are 1874 Sharps rifles in a large number of movies, but while the Sharps was primarily a hunting rifle, the movies are not (Outlaw Josie Wales; Good, Bad and the Ugly; True Grit etc.).

    Somewhere along the road a ways back, I became what my shooting partner calls a "Marlin queer". I prefer them over Winchester lever repeaters. But you can watch a heck of a lot of westerns and never see a Marlin, and if you do, it's in the background, held by some 2 bit bandito who is about to be Winchestered by the hero.

    If I sound like a movie fanatic, I'm not, but I do watch the rifles and shotguns if the time period is right.

    Not too much time in doctor's offices I hope.

    Take care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by std7mag View Post
    Who is JES?
    And why would i send them a rifle to do 338 Fed when i can get a 24" (or shorter) E.R.Shaw barrel reamed, polished, blued, with 11 degree recessed crown delivered to my door for $272, and put on myself?
    Plus having the satisfaction, much like hand loading, of doing it yourself.
    JES is JES Reboring in Oregon. Do a quick Google search. He rebores about anything. Lots of guys send stuff to get it turned into 35 Whelens, 338-06, 358 Win, etc. He usually has about a 2-3 week turnaround time and charges around $250 plus shipping. It's a great way to revive and old -06 or a 308, and I've never seen anyone say their gun wasn't a shooter, or that they were not happy with his work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3darcher2 View Post
    JES is JES Reboring in Oregon. Do a quick Google search. He rebores about anything. Lots of guys send stuff to get it turned into 35 Whelens, 338-06, 358 Win, etc. He usually has about a 2-3 week turnaround time and charges around $250 plus shipping. It's a great way to revive and old -06 or a 308, and I've never seen anyone say their gun wasn't a shooter, or that they were not happy with his work.
    So there is hope for my Browning 223 WSSM. I read somewhere that the barrel can't be swapped, or vary difficult without cracking it. So maybe going up in caliber might be a solution. It's kind of a unique action size and not much you can do with it.

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    Jeremiah Johnson bought a smaller calliber hawken and then found hatchet Jack's. I believe the first was said to be .35? Hatchet Jack's was a .50. My son read the book the movie is based on but I can't remember the real story on how he got hatchet Jack's rifle.
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    Dan, Brent, VAspeedgoat

    thanks guys for the comments about Jeremiah Johnson. When I spoke to my daughter she reminded me of how much her father liked the Alamo ( the John Wayne one ) and she was right he did. He always enjoyed the scene with Richard Boone talking about the men at the Alamo, those who have seen it can finish this sentence on their own---"Now Tomorrow-----------" Anyway, I also remember how he wanted to get his hands on the rifle Widmark used--the 7 barrel Nock, but he never did. Wayne used a Hawken I think and the flintlock pistols were pretty cool as well.

    Brent, my husband had Marlins, Henrys, Winchesters, Savage, Browning levers and he also liked the Marlin rifles . My son has talked about the company that now makes lever action rifles in Montana but I am forgetting their name and also the Wild West rifles that I think are made In Alaska, but their headquarters are in Las Vegas, but I might have that wrong

    I think the company in Montana its Big Horn Armory

    p.s. also guys, I thought some of you might get a kick out of this. My granddaughter is bugging her mother to let her join the CMSA. All she needs is a horse, saddle, clothes, revolver, holster, and rifle---they have a horse trailer -------- I love it (-:
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    358 Winchester is a great cartridge that should have made it. 200-225 gr bullets at moderate velocities out of a compact package. Shoots flat enough And hits with authority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elkduds View Post
    2 more recent casualties of the Remingtonization of Marlin: 308 & 338 Marlin Express. I had a hankering for one of those.
    I have a .338 MX I really like it. Nice little brush gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott85 View Post
    I have to agree with what people said about the 280. For some reason according to all the internet experts out there it isn't capable of killing anything bigger than a deer. I love my Remington 700 mountain in 280 just wish it was left handed.
    I have a couple buddies that hunt elk with .280s. That's all they use. I've seen a lot of elk killed by that round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluegrassBilly View Post
    The only gun I have that's suitable for class 2 or 3 game is the obsolescent 300 H&H magnum - granddaddy to almost countless other magnums. Ballistically, it's almost identical to the 300 Win Mag, which won out because it doesn't require a true magnum-length receiver.

    Due to the recoil and availability/price of ammo, I'd love to get something smaller for class 2 and keep the H&H for class 3 only, but I've been back and forth about which chambering. The reduced recoil of a short-chamber is appealing - especially as I have a daughter and no plans for a son. A quarter-bore is really what I want, but the only real option is the 25-06 - the 257 Roberts going the way of my H&H maybe due to older chambers that can't handle the +P loads. I'd never heard of the 25 Souper, but it seems like that would be an ideal round for one of the manufactures to standardize - that or revitalize the Bob+P. Especially given the warm reception the 7mm-08 has received from a new (or aged) generation that has no desire to try to control unnecessary '06 or magnum recoil for shots on deer at reasonable distances.

    Then again, there's not much separation between a quarter-bore and the offerings at .264/6.5. Maybe I need to just put on a tweed coat and felt hat and buy a 6.5 Swede or 260 Rem or grow a man-bun and buy a 6.5 CM.

    .257 weatherby magnum would be a good option for a quarter bore. I love mine. Plenty speed and not much recoil.

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    Other guns my family have and use to have. 22 Remington Special, 22 hornet, 22 Jet, 22-3000, 222 Remington, M1 grand 22 range gun, 58 cal musket, 410-2 1/2 inch single shot, 6.5 rem mag, 6mm-284, 250-3000, 264 mag and some I can not remember. My son still uses his model 700 6.5 rem mag. Most are gone but a few are in the safes

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