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    W/T Public Lands
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    IMG_0748 by squirrel2012, on Flickr

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    Scan0004 - Copy by squirrel2012, on Flickr

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    IMG_0752 by squirrel2012, on Flickr

    MD Public
    Scan0009 by squirrel2012, on Flickr

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    Scan0010 by squirrel2012, on Flickr

    2nd choice

    Scan0004 by squirrel2012, on Flickr

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    IMG_4258 by squirrel2012, on Flickr

    2nd choice pic because of background.

    016 by squirrel2012, on Flickr

    2nd choice pic because of background

    image by squirrel2012, on Flickr

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    IMG_1858 by squirrel2012, on Flickr

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    473 by squirrel2012, on Flickr

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    IMG_4013 by squirrel2012, on Flickr
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    An ignore list??? Wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose?

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    2 MT opening day archery elk, general license, national forest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenhorn View Post
    2013 MT archery, national forest, 2nd choice elk permit.

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    That might be my favorite animal from this thread.

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    BLACKFACE!!! Waaaaacist
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    Not high scoring, but a 22.5” wide whitetail. Western Montana at 6500+ feet.

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    ‘MTGomer is the lazy punk’ - Fwagner

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTGomer View Post
    BLACKFACE!!! Waaaaacist
    Thought the same thing!

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    A couple general season MT national forest elk.

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    Bottom picture above was about the worst night of packing elk ever for me. Hypothermia would have got me had it not been for a smart friend of mine, Peter. He doesn’t hunt but liked to tag along on the more adventurous outings. Here’s Peter with an elk I shot in 2005 in MT, general season national forest.
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    I have this tag every season.
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    Here is another from the year prior. Both bucks died 100 yards apart.
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    This is me with a wilderness buck my dad killed in ‘90 or ‘91 on an unlimited draw hunt

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    I’m going with greenhorn W O W !
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    This is a buck I found while antelope hunting with my dad on a big block of BLM land. I had my bow with me so I made a stalk on the buck. I got to about 90 yards while he was bedded and couldn't get any closer so I sat for a couple hours waiting for him to get up. Eventually some antelope hunters drove down the ridge above the buck and he took off. I was living out of state at the time so I was unable to hunt the buck again until opening weekend of rifle season. I knew my odds of ever finding him again on such pressured ground were slim to none but I had to try. I hunted hard all weekend and never found him. Then a few weeks later my relatives from Wisconsin came out to hunt deer. We went back to the same area and the first morning we spotted a buck as he was going over the skyline about two miles away. I could tell from the big front forks that it was the same deer. With it being so far away we couldn't tell exactly where he was going but my cousin and I went to look for him. About a mile into our hike we were skirting a really steep hillside and I looked over and spotted the buck bedded about 250 yards away. He had us pegged and with the hill being so steep there was no way to get a good rest. After about a minute the buck got up and took off over the ridge. Two days later we were back in the same area and I ended up spotting the buck about 2 miles from where we had bumped him. This time I knew right where he would be so my cousin grabbed his gun and we went after him. We crawled to within 150 yards and I sat beside my cousin as he shot the buck. He didn't even know it was the same deer until I told him while the deer was rolling down the hill. It was difficult letting him shoot the buck as it would have been the biggest mule deer I had ever shot at the time, but he was super excited and it was still fun playing the role of guide. Still the biggest front forks of any deer I have hunted.

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    No special story with this one but it involves the same relatives from Wisconsin. We had been hearing about a big buck in the area but had never laid eyes on it. We didn't have access to much of the area so it was just going to be a quick hunt and I decided to go hike a big piece of public that my dad had showed me while they went for their short hunt. I had a nice buck down that morning and spent the majority of the day packing it out. Just as I get into cell service I get a picture from my dad of my relative with a monster buck. They had got lucky and found the buck that we had been hearing about. Luckily for my dad's cousin, my dad had already filled his tag.

    Name:  veterans day 059.jpg
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    Here is the picture of my buck from that day, still a respectable deer but it was definitely overshadowed by the one my relative killed.

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    Those are all beautiful, but that first one is as good as they get in my opinion. Congratulations, you know what you are doing.

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    Certainly not the caliber of “Big” as some of those above, but a couple nice public land general season MT muleys.

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    Great bucks.


    That photo in the snow is as cool as they come. Was the aforementioned battle with hypothermia the same night you spoke of a come to Jesus conversation with yourself?
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    I am going to second JLS on the photo. Greenhorn is not only constantly getting great animals and his pictures are spectacular. A talent I wish I had.

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    That snow pic was taken by my friend Jake. Jake is a pro with a camera.

    I shot the deer with his rifle. We were elk hunting and he already had taken a deer so I got to shoot. Here’s a bull Jake shot on opening day a few years back, national forest, MT general license.

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    I'll play! These aren't monsters to some, but they're my best, and on public OTC in MT.

    My one and only longbow elk

    I grew up busting forkhorns to fill the freezer, but I'm learning now. This buck is special cause I finally learned some patience. I passed a big 4x4 whitetail at 60 yards mid morning from the old road we were driving. Thought my grandpa was gonna have a heart attack that I didn't pull the trigger. I told him I'd wanted to hunt, and still wanted to take a mature muley. That afternoon I hunted alone and found this guy after a mile or two of sidehilling.

    Hard to tell that it's a 4x4 in the photo, the sage brush hides a front fork, and he's busted off short on the back.

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    OCT Colorado 2017. Never seen brow tines that big with 5's and 6's so small.
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