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    Default 2019 Wyoming Sheep Outfitter Recommendations

    My dad will be applying for his bighorn sheep hunt this year in Wyoming with 19 points. Assuming the draw is successful we are starting to research outfitters for the hunt and trying to narrow down to ideally a single outfitter prior to submitting the application. Units 4, 7 and 8 are the areas he's focusing on.

    Does anyone have any experience hunting sheep with outfitters in these units? Recommendations for who to consider and for who to avoid? We have narrowed down the large list to several but would greatly appreciate others opinions.

    Thanks for the help.

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    John Porter. Morning creek outfitters.

    I haven't hunted sheep. but they do.
    Been with them on other hunts.

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    Stay away from Boulder Basin Outfitters in Cody !!! I had the worst experience ever with him last fall !!!!

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    Meade Dominick. 7D. 1-5. He iwas 100% on sheep going into 2018. Don’t know how his season went. Tripple digit numbers I am pretty sure.
    Look at the time in the field for unit 8 for the avg hunter. With 19 points you should really think about that.

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    Another vote for 7D. They know sheep.
    I've been to a town, Del.

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    Has anyone hunted with Mule Shoe Outfitters or Trophy Mountain Outfitters?

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    I had a friend go with Meade last year in 4 and he spoke very highly of him. It sounds like sheep numbers in the Absarokas may be down a bit from the harsh winter last year, but they got a great ram and got the full wilderness experience; elk, muleys, wolves, grizzlies etc
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    With 19 points going into the draw this year you only have a shot at 1, 4, or 8 in the PP draw, assuming the numbers of applicants in those point levels stay consistent. Look at the historical success rates in 1,4, and 8...I think the top unit(s) in those 3 choices will be pretty clear....hint-the answer is 2 squared.

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