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    Default Colorado Unit 67 Mule Deer - 4th Season

    Hi All,

    Just looking for advice/input. Starting to plan next years hunt and the plan is to hunt unit 67 in forth season for mule deer (my Dad will likely get a cow tag as well). Wont be able to get out there to scout more than a couple days before season, so will have to scout on computer. Curious if anyone had any advice on the unit you wouldn't mind sharing, I have some areas that I want to check out, but it is a fairly large unit and not being able to get out there and look at things in person makes me nervous. There isn't a ton of info out there on this unit that I've found, especially in forth season since they just opened it back up in 2015.


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    How many points do you have?

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    I have 24 points.. was thinking this unit cause i know a little about it at least, some friends elk hunt it every couple of years.
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    I'm sorry, did you say 24 points?

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    That would be a hunt of a lifetime. Doing it on your own as a nonresident would be quite a memorable hunt, but I would hate to burn those points and not be able to scout it beforehand. I'll bet you can find someone with personal experience to help you being it's a top point unit. Good luck. You need a hand in camp for that one, I'd be glad to help. Wish I knew the area better.

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    Yeah, i have 24 points, i believe this hunt only took 18 or so this year though... friend of mine went out this year on the same hunt. He got a fairly nice buck, so we have pretty good idea of some good areas, but he didn't go to some areas I was looking at on the map, and i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask around. I was hoping it taking so many points could get some advice, I wouldn't ask if it weren't a high point unit. We will get out there several days early, biggest thing is that we won't see the area before then, but we will put on miles and find them.

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    I would hunt 66 over 67, you are still leaving a some points on the table though, but it should be close to 100% success on awesome bucks. The roads can be crappy that time of year but doable, ATV's can be helpful. Use the hunt atlas and turn on the winter concentration area for mule deer. That will get you started. You can also rent cabins in Sapinero so you don't have to camp that time of year. It can be really cold.

    I am stoked for you, that is an awesome tag. Make sure you post up your adventure.

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    Thanks, I've looked at the atlas for 67. I will take a look at 66 though as well. Plans are not firm yet, just trying to come up with something to get a nice muley. I just know folks who have hunted 67, so they have given me some insights that are valuable when hunting in a new area.

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    Either one would be good and you're not going to have a hard time finding bucks. Good luck

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    If you're willing to look at other units, take a look at 2 also. You have a ton of time to research, and like you said, most people who have hunted it will be glad to tell you where to hunt. You're in a good position with that many points.
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    I would also hunt 66 over 67, for whatever it is worth.

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    I can help if you draw 67. I live in Gunnison and know that unit pretty well. Not so much for 66 though.
    Some general suggestions:
    You can stay at a motel and hunt from town. You can drive for 10 minutes and be hunting.
    The weather can be cold. Expect overnight lows below zero. Be prepared for snow too.
    A cow tag is a good idea.
    Get a Gunnison Forest travel map. That combined with a good topo will be valuable.

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