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    Default Uploaded Pics Flipped ???

    Can someone explain how I can fix it so my uploaded pics from my phone aren't flipped or rotated to the side when I'm trying to post them ??? Thanks

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    I just went through the asme struggle, I almost gave up and moved underground. Kidding, but it is extremely frustrating. Best advice I received is take a screen capture of it and upload THAT version of the picture. Worked for me

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    Just crop them and turn the Live function off if it was taken on your phone.

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    Off the phone, I go to edit mode, crop as desired and hit save. Once saved as we wish to see it, it transfers to the HuntTalk forum correctly oriented.

    When working on a Windows 10 desktop, it seems extra important to "save" the changes, as the changes are shown, but for me have reverted to the original orientation/size if I didn't "save" in W10.

    I've been known to help other posters rotate their wonky pics from time to time. I screenshot with the iPad, edit, rotate, save and repost.
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