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Thread: Rest Easy Tahoe

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    so sorry for your loss, the bond between a hunting dog and it's owner is priceless, it's hard when that's taken away. All I can say is keep your head up and know he's up there watching over every hunt marking your birds left and right.

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    So sorry to hear that. I followed his short life through your posts here and saw he was a very special dog. Losing them at all is hard; losing them too early is nearly unbearble. I feel for you.
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    Sorry to hear that. Losing a dog never leaves you the same. I still have dreams about my old bird dogs from time to time. They leave a mark.
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    Damn. Sorry for your loss.

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    Dang, sorry to hear and best wishes in moving forward. Dogs are special

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    You both made each others lives richer. Sorry for his passing, and I can't imagine that walk out of the field.
    I hope your next one is at least half the dog Tahoe was for you.
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    Sorry for your loss. I can't imaging what it'll be like losing mine someday. A piece of your heart will always be with him.
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    Man that stinks. Sorry to hear it. Can't imagine losing one so young.

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    That had to be terrible. So sorry for your loss. It's not fair that we only have them for such a short time.

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    Sorry for your loss, losing a dog is never easy.

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    Man, so sorry. Can't imagine carrying a dog out of the field. RIP Tahoe.

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    Terrible to lose our four-legged family members. Sorry for your loss.

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    Wife and I are hanging in there... house is too quiet.

    Had a couple breeder friends reach out and offer me pick up the litter on them whenever we were ready.

    Pups hit the ground this morning. I think we'll take another black male out of this litter.

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    Didn't want to open this thread, but wanted to send my condolences. Its crazy how much a dog can affect your life in a positive way - I couldn't imagine life without mine. I've seen the passing of a few too many and it never gets easier.

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    Sorry for your loss, but what a great way to go
    And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul" - John Muir

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    Sorry for your loss. They Become one of the family.

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    Sorry to hear. Always tough to loose a good one

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    So sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what you have gone through. Hang in there.

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