Looking for a partner or putting a group together for hunting trips.

I am not much of a self promoter, but I give this a shot. Born and raised in western Kansas. Still live in western Kansas. Grew up hunting deer, quail, and pheasants. Finally got off my ass and went on a elk trip in 2017 to unit 12 in Colorado with a couple other guys. Learned a bunch and good time for the most part. Went to Wyoming last year for antelope and plan on going back this year. A friend is planning on going with me to Wyoming but he doesnít have a lot of interest in elk or mule deer at this point. Currently building points in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Iím getting to the point game in Arizona. I can do about two trips a year Between family work time constraints. Hunting is really my only bad habit I have left. Iím currently looking at units for third rifle but Iím open to other ideas.

Itís starting to feel too much like an online dating app. Send me a PM if thereís any interest.