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    The other day as I was coming home I saw an insanely heavy horned white tail buck. His main beams were so palmated they must have been 4-5 inches across. I believe this is the second sighting between me and a friend in the last 2 weeks. The deer around here have a pretty routine travel pattern. Feed out of the thick pines at dusk and dawn and retreat for the day. Usually I can pick out at least one buck I know every morning. Im going to try very hard to pick this guys sheds up this spring. Im looking for advice from some more knowledgable people on how to keep tabs on this buck through winter and where to expect to find him during shedding season. Thanks for any help!

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    From a distance with a spotting scope has always worked well for me.

    Do not go into his bedding area until you are sure he has shed, Look in the feeding areas during midday.
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    +1 on staying out of the bedding area,and hope that he hasn't been spotted by a bunch of other people. Nothing brings out the trespassers (if he is on private) like brown gold. We have a few heavily posted private parcels we have exclusive permission for but we usually see other boot tracks if we wait too long.

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    Don't burn the boot leather until its time to burn boot leather, then really burn the boot leather.
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    My advise if you have an area he may feed at night in set up some camera's to maybe keep tabs on him and when he may drop. Then go in

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    PM me coordinates, I’ll check it out and let you know how I would approach it this Spring.
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    Not sure where you’re at, but the big guys here in WI have started to shed. Might be a good idea to begin implementing your search plan. Post some pictures when you pick them up.

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