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    Quote Originally Posted by VAspeedgoat View Post
    I may be mistaken but much of that is hard sided camping only due to the bears. Not sure if all if it is.
    I’m not talking about in a camp ground. Just finding a spot on the side of a FS road out in the forest.
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    I am in the Park before the sun comes up and leave around 10. Usually don't come back until mid-afternoon. A family (if I have one) might complain, but GuNR says nothing. I chuckle when leaving the Park via West Yellowstone and observing the mob coming in. Doesn't look like fun to me.

    There should be directions; and penalties for not driving around a "cow" on the road. hahah

    I plan to be back down there later this month. Crowds are less frequent this time of year.

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    If you wanna' really have fun, drive right THROUGH the bufflers - the looks of terror and disdain are priceless.

    In all seriousness - YNP is a great place - those of us who have seen it about a hundred time are just a little jaded and tend to forget how lucky we are to live next door to it.
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    I live in Jackson. It's insanely busy here in the height of tourist season and even more insanely expensive.
    If you're going to visit both parks starting here is a good plan since GTNP is 12mi up the road. If you're just going to Yellowstone I would stay in Cody.
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    Mtmiller. Great picture. I envy you. My wife didn’t like Beartooth Pass. No guide rails haha. As if they’d help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onpoint View Post
    If you wanna' really have fun, drive right THROUGH the bufflers - the looks of terror and disdain are priceless.
    Complete disdain when I pass a couple minivans to drive through a handful of bulls. I have the same for those folks.....break even.

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