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    Default Prime Archery bows?

    Does anyone have any insight into Prime bows like the Logic? Or when does Prime release their new bows for next hunting season? Have always been a Mathews guy but got the itch to try something new.. Is Prime a smooth draw like my old solo cams?

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    This is just my biased opinion but not many compound bows are as pleasant to shoot as Mathews.

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    I've been shooting a centergy since this spring. I'm very happy with it. Holds extremely well on target and I think I shoot it at distances beyond 40 yards better than any other bow I've shot. I find the draw to be smooth with no real humps or rough spots, just pretty much one feel all the way to the let off point. I have not shot the logic but have heard they have a similar feel to what I'm shooting. My local shop has a new 2019 CT 3 and CT5 so you should be able to find them at dealers

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    I have a friend that's a dealer now. I haven't bought one myself yet however the fact that they will send you new strings every other year for life seems like a really nice benefit.

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    Dieseldog- Have you had a chance to shoot some of the Prime bows yet? Wondering what you think of them.

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    I have not shot anything that is as smooth as those solocams like the switchback xt. I shoot a newer bow now because I was drawn in to the speed and how quiet they are getting.

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    I really like my 2015 Prime Rival (that I got in 2016). It is silky smooth to draw, steady to hold with a limb stop draw stop, and so dead in the hand at the shot that I usually don't use a stabilizer. Very consistent shooter - which is what they brag on (or used to).

    Would be very interested in the new models...

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