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    did you jump on it Breck? What dates. I plan on going in March,just not sure what dates will work. Last year was same but got a good deal about 6 weeks out on AA. I assume that is to Aukland. I believe I usually pay around 8-850 to ChCh plus another 350 from Bos to La.

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    Yes, that price is LAX to Auckland. I got it for $923 to Christchurch plus I prepaid for an additional checked bag $80 each way. If you pay at the counter it's $180 each way. I'm booked for June 3-19.

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    ps. there are some other good deals on other airlines to Christchurch but they all have stop-overs in Australia. I did that once but never again because they asked for Australian gun permits. I explained that we were only there on a layover and she explained to us that if I plane is delayed and our layover reaches 8 hours, our guns would be confiscated.

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    This spring I went direct to Auk but return stopped in Aussie. No issues but interesting. Used Air NZ four times with awesome flights so was a little hesitant on AA but it was every bit as good. Just checked, I paid $1400 from Boston this year. Expedia today is same, gonna check AA next. I assume your going for Tahr? Hope they leave a few for you.

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    Yes, going for tahr. Drew a tahr ballot. Going to shoot waterfowl too.

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    That’s a great price. Makes for an affordable trip. The strong $US should help too.
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