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    Glad to hear you found something and are making progress. Now its just practice, practice, and practice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aws1963 View Post
    Well, thought I would add an update to this thread after about a month.

    As I stated above, I was able to pick up a Diamond SB-1 locally for a excellent price. I also joined the local archery club so I could shoot regularly (those of you who are not on a small city lot, count your blessings). I have been out to shoot a couple of times and pretty much like riding a bike once and not forgetting how to do it, I did OK. 4-5" groupings at 20yds with an occasional "flyer".

    Jump ahead to last Wednesday where I had a 1 on 1 training session at our local archery shop. What a difference that made! The instructor adjusted my draw length (shortened it by 1") which in turn changed my anchor points to a much more comfortable position. Adjusted the length of my release (shorter) so I could get my whole index finger on it instead of my finger tip. This made it much easier to release with a little back tension and not a firm trigger pull. Much smoother release. Also got me to change my "death grip" to a light thumb pad positioning on the bow riser. Now I am shooting a consistent 3" arrow grouping at 20yds and about 4-5" at 30yds and 5-6" at 40yds. Far fewer "flyers". I am not planning on taking any shots farther than 40 yds this next upcoming deer season mainly due to eyesight issues anyway.

    Being a wearer of glasses, I can see a definite problem with getting a clear sight picture centering the peep with the front sight housing. I have also decided that I need larger pins as the ones I have now are small and seem to disappear when focusing on the target. I may try contacts in the future or finally pull the trigger on Lasik.

    For those of you who are like me who are new to archery, I highly recommend spending time with an instructor. It was well worth it. A 1 hour investment has cut my groups nearly in half. Now I just have to implement everything together and execute.
    I have glasses... "progressives" and have adapted very well. The biggest problem can be weather (rain/snow). I also have larger pins.... I believe .029. Great when you get old. Not great for target shooting, however, perfect for real world hunting.
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    Practicing daily. When I can't get to the club range, I am shooting at least 40 arrows into my block target in the back yard.

    My issue with my glasses is getting fogged up in cold weather. Anyone use those alleged "no fog" coatings and have success?
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    ty for the update.

    just curious, are there any local shooting leagues? what did you start at for draw weight?

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    I'm in the business, If you get any kind of antiglare/fog/reflective, etc on your glasses, you need to be careful how you clean them as they may be prone to smudging/scratches. I recommend Zeiss wipes and/or microfiber cloths for the field and running water and handsoap for cleaning at home. Air or pat dry. Avoid excessive rubbing in any case. You'll induce scratches by rubbing your glasses to clean them.

    As far as your new archery hobby, congrats! Archery is more rewarding than rifle shooting IMO. Especially if you get into 3D, etc. SO glad you got proper instruction. Watch out for target panic, it can be a killer. Your intructors probably know how to remedy it. Also don't push it too hard at first, I injured my AC joint doing that and it was quite painful.

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