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    Default With gratitude, from a public lands devotee

    I followed the debate here about PLT in midterm elections, particularly MT, as well as CO and other states. It is clear to me that defending public lands carries the certainty of conflict with...public land hunters. Amidst the vitriol I read encouragements to listen to each others' positions. Let's do that, with the intent to find ways to work together and accomplish compromise that protects our public lands legacy, supports 2nd amendment protections and provides an example to legislators of what their constituents expect from national leaders.

    Instead of listening to our adversaries like opposing divorce lawyers, whose only goal in listening to each other is to reload their arguments; we could listen like people living in the same place, @ the same time, w some significant common interests.

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    Bumping this, hoping to see some discussion of areas of consensus that can build support for public lands, even among users w strongly different opinions. Failing that, then just another illustration of why legislators don't address this, if we can't even "talk amongst ourselves."

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