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    Lots of fat shaming going on in this post The goal with adding pork or beef fat to your meat is not to taint your meat with the flavor, but to allow the heat to dissipate through the beef and cook it evenly. When you grill a burger, the fat turns to liquid and falls out of the meat. When you put it in a pan, you end up draining this fat out of the bottom of the pan. It's why when I buy ground beef, I always opt for the 80% and never spring for the 90+%. The end result is nearly identical, if not better, with the higher fat percentage.

    I find a straight game grind will always turn into a brick before it cooks in the middle. If you grind a little fat in, problem solved! I do most of my burger meat with beef fat, because my wife prefers it. I do most of the other grind (for meat pies, loaf, etc...) with pork and ground much finer.

    Edit: To answer the OP's question, I'll buy the fat at either T&C or Matt's Meats here in Livingston.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobG View Post
    I wouldn't sully venison with beef. Most just run it straight for most dishes, or mix in a little fat if you are making burgers.
    same here. why dilute great meat with garbage commercially produced “meat”.
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    Suggestion- Buy Hank Shaw’s Buck, buck Moose book. Great recipes and he’ll give suggestions for how to butcher.

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