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    Great story and photos. Congratulations!

    I got a chuckle from your reference to heater hunters. When I was in Maine, I was like you - scouted a few days, found a hot spot the day before season and got my moose the first thing opening day. We had a couple of days to kill while the meat was getting processed and my brother and a friend were waiting for their flight out of Maine. About mid-week, we asked a local what all of the road hunters did as the season progressed. His response was, “They drive faster.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCliving Outdoors View Post
    "the adventure is as much of a trophy as the animal"

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    You have a very nice big moose! Nice pictures and congradulations!

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    Very nice! I bet she'll taste great!

    I grew up about an hour north of there and fish in the area often. You're absolutely right, not many people get off the road, especially for moose. Glad it worked out for you!

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    tastiest animal on hooves. Congratulations!

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    Even without the antlers, I'd get that girl mounted and hang her above my bed. My wife would just have to deal with the new lady in my life.


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    Great story. Thank you for sharing it. I just subscribed to your YT channel. I'm always looking for good hunting videos.

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    Awesome, congrats!
    To what avail are forty freedoms without a blank spot on the map?

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    Really like Maine been deer and bear hunting up there many times. Saw Moose on several trips. Maybe this year I'll get lucky and draw. What a great adventure and memory for you, and a few good meals.

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