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    Default Montana Youth Deer - 2018

    Getting geared up and excited for our 2 day youth hunt here in Region 4 of Montana. My daughter took hunters safety earlier in the year and she is minute-of-milk-jug with her 7mm-08 at a reasonable distance. My son has a couple years under his belt and is ready to help his sis. I hunted big game only a few times in my youth and mostly bird hunted until my kids were of age. Now my son and I eat, sleep, and breath big game! Something about helping a young person get their first brought hunting to a whole other level for me. I try to bring ethics and safety into every outing, whether that is target practice or the actual hunt - but we focus on the fun also. They are getting exposed to some harsh realities that you just cannot get any other way. We talk about embracing the "suck" and how there are different "types" of fun. I really try to stress that this isn't an instant gratification sport, and success isn't conditional on harvest. I am hoping that will be the legacy that I pass on.

    At the same time that my kids and I were getting serious into hunting was when I started to open my eyes to the issues surrounding our sport and the importance of public lands. I found this forum, Newburgs's content, and the Meateater crew's efforts to be very informative. I seem to learn something new everyday and these issues have changed my entire perspective on politics. I would like to thank everyone who contributes to this forum-We have a great mix of objective and incredibly well informed contributors and I feel like we are on the edge of some very exciting yet challenging times.
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    Sounds like you are as prepared as can be. Good luck!

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