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    Default Antelope and Ice Cream

    I finally got my father-in-law out to South West Wyoming for an antelope hunt. We've been planning it for a while but he had both of his hips replaced in consecutive years so that put a damper on chasing antelope. He was pretty excited when he drew the tag and the planning started. That planning quickly came to a screeching halt on June 18th when a major hailstorm destroyed one of the restaurants that he owns and I manage. The hail perforated the roof and flooded the building from the top down. I was quickly promoted to "construction manager" and we began a 3 1/2 month process of rebuilding the restaurant.

    His antelope hunt got pushed back by three weeks and shortened from 7 days to 3 days. We left Denver four days after the restaurant reopened and headed for Wyoming. We were greeted by torrential rains in Rock Springs. After a couple attempts at getting stuck on the muddy BLM roads we quickly realized we were confined to the pavement. Over 700 square miles of BLM and we had to stick to the blacktop, I was slightly disappointed. We hiked and glassed what we could and found a fair amount of 10"-12" bucks. It seemed like every buck we looked at was average. We did find one narrow buck that curved in and his tips crossed, he had some cool factor.

    On the afternoon of the third day we went to the Flaming Gorge Restaurant in Manila, UT. Their Apple Pie Shake will give DQ a run for its money. After filling up on burgers and ice cream we headed out to glass some new terrain. We found a half dozen average bucks and one large heard I wanted to take a closer look at. On the way down to the large herd we ran into a bedded buck that needed a closer look. We got into position above the buck and I put the spotter on him. After a few minutes of staring directly at me he turned his head and I knew he was the one. My father-in-law made a good shot with his 7mm-08. We quickly polished off what was left of our milkshakes and got to work breaking him down. I built the gun for him 13 years ago while in gunsmithing school, before I knew it would become the official cartridge of Hunttalk. It was a great hunt and I cant wait to get back to Wyoming.

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    There is plenty of room for all of Gods creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes.

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    Awesome buck!! Congrats to your father in law!

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    Very nice buck! Congrats on a great experience with your father in law!

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    Looks like a good one!

    He must be a pretty decent FIL if you work for him and still want to hunt with him on your time off. Congrats to you both.

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    Good job

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    You can't pick your blood, but you did pick his daughter and got a nice bonus to boot, so it seems. Congratulations to the both of you
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    Sounds like you and your dad had a great trip. Congrats on a dandy!

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    Nice buck!

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    Well done!

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    Nice buck.
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