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Thread: 30 Nosler

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    I found a friend with a 300win mag and he will let me take it to the range after next week.

    On that Greyboe stock structurally it’s good, it was the finish they decided to use that makes it feel that way. I had all 3 side by side at Cabelas and there was a definite difference.

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    Let me throw you for another loop, you don't want the .30-06, and think the .30 Nosler and .300 RUM are too much, what about a .300WSM? I have two of them and a .300WM for hunting at home in AK. I'm also a huge fan of the .280 and .280AI, but my .280 Rem has been neglected lately. I think the .30-06 will do everything you are wanting it do and then some.

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