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    I Have out of state Idaho tags for whitetail (live in Oregon). I know a bunch of guys heading for 10A but I saw they shortened the season and donít allow use of my second tag, so after talking with the local bio decided on going solo in 8A. Without wanting to tell me where they keep them tied out he suggested I go towards Cavendish and Southwick and head north/northeast.

    I have not hunted whitetail before (blackmail in thicker country where I am). I am planning on heading over Thanksgiving week. Iíll be camping in my truck unless something better presents. Scouting is by onX maps. I would really welcome any thoughts on whitetail behavior, where to hunt, how to hunt, and anything else. Thanks!

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    Cavendish, Southwick? That's an odd recommendation for a point of departure. Most, if not all of the land located in the Southwick and Cavendish area is private or Nez Perce tribal lands. You will have to travel a considerable distance north or northeast to reach public land. Try Elk River. It's much closer to the areas you plan to hunt. The area has a predominately whitetail population with mule deer also present.

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    Thanks Hannibal! I’ll go to work checking maps for Elk River. Much appreciated

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    Timing wise, you'll probably be either peak rut or post rut.

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    Timing is mostly dictated by work but it sounds like that should be about right nonetheless. I hope to see some daytime activity then. Not looking for a monster buck just a decent one. Thank you Ladykiller.

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    When I was going to school up there I always did really well behind the game wardens house near Deary. Small chunk of state land if I remember right. Good luck.

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    Further north in the panhandle is where I’ll probably head depending on what happens with my general tag. I like the Clearwater areas but I shot my biggest bodied deer ever in 4a a few years ago and I’m strongly considering heading back this year. Not sure which part of OR your traveling from but 1-4a may not take any longer time-wise.

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    Growing up in the Cavendish area on a ranch I hunted all the areas for whitetail and elk, Check out the Freeman Creek area. A lot of State land running down to the lake. PM me if you like.

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    Hey HowaHunter, so noted and mapped. Thx

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    PM sent Elkdoo

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    Quote Originally Posted by oregonkld View Post
    Hey HowaHunter, so noted and mapped. Thx
    I was actually wrong it is Bennett Lumber property and in unit 8 off of the highway from Moscow to Deary. Don't know if they allow hunting any longer but their land was always great for finding deer. Thanksgiving week was always great with rutting activity.

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    Thank you all for the great advice. I'm feeling much more confident about what I'm heading into!

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