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    Default AZ hunter education bonus point

    If anyone is interested in the one day hunter education class to get your permanent bonus point. The one in Kingman, AZ that Don Martin puts on is open for registration on the azgfd website. Date is Jan 5th. I just got registered.

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    Great class. I highly recommend it unless you are applying for the same hunts as me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallfreak View Post
    If anyone is interested in the one day hunter education class to get your permanent bonus point. The one in Kingman, AZ that Don Martin puts on is open for registration on the azgfd website. Date is Jan 5th. I just got registered.
    I'll see you there. Unless I end up deploying in January and have to pull out...

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    I'm registered. 2 of us coming from ND

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    A "no brainer" for any non-resident hunter applying to hunt big game in Arizona! BTW, Don is guiding one of our Hunts for Heroes vets on the early 12A West Kaibab deer hunt in a couple weeks (he also headed up a desert bighorn sheep hunt for us last December). Great guy!

    Copied from elsewhere ---

    "This is Don Martin, volunteer Chief Instructor for the Arizona Game & Fish Department in Kingman. I teach the one day Supplemental or Non-resident class. I have applied to the Department to teach the next class on Saturday, January 5, 2019 here in Kingman in the clubhouse at the Mohave Sportsman Club's 7 Mile Hill Range here in Kingman. I was told the class will be approved and online in the Department's website some time this week. Look in the Hunter Education section for what is called a classroom class that will be listed for that date. There are several requirements to take the class. Since this is a very fast paced class designed specifically for experienced sportsmen, persons under 14 years old MUST have instructor approval to take the class. Persons over 14 years old must have taken and passed a Hunter Education class in another state since 1980 and you need to text me a copy of your card. FYI, for those that want or need a motel room for either Friday or Saturday night, I have made arrangements with a local motel for a small discount for those taking the class. Text me at 928-303-9481 for details. This is a one-day class that starts at 7 a.m. (Arizona time) and ends by about 6 p.m., depending on how many attendees we have. Lunch is usually done in house, so that we can keep the class going without interruption. I'll send you details when you are verified enrolled in the class. Class size is limited to 30 persons. We usually get close to that for registration purposes, but about 10% will be no shows on class day. This is NOT your standard hunter education class. While we do instruct about basic hunter education, we have a lot of emphasis on Arizona only laws and regulations, and I go into detail about the Arizona draw system, including the 5% & 5% limitation on NR's. Also we'll tell you about Arizona's PointGuard system. Others who have taken this class in the past say it is worthwhile. Check the AZGFD website throughout the week to see if it is up and get registered. Upon completion of the class, paperwork will be submitted so that you will receive the permanent bonus point for ALL big game species on your G&F account. Thank you for your interest in the Arizona Hunter Education Program. Any questions? call me at 928-303-9481."

    "Remember, you need to have taken Hunter Education in another state since 1980 to be eligible for this one day class."

    "For those who have signed up for this class and need a place to stay while in Kingman on Friday and/or Saturday night, Mr. John Patel, who is a long time supporter of Hunter Education, has offered these motels at a very reasonable price.

    Days Inn, 928-753-7500, $49.00 + tax for one or two persons.

    Super 8 Motel, 928-757-4808, $49.00 + tax for one or two persons.

    Just tell them them you are here for the AZ Hunter Education class to get those prices!

    Both motels are right off I-40 and easy to access to get to the class.

    Questions or concerns? Call me at 928-303-9481.

    After you take and pass this class, you will get the permanent bonus point for ALL of Arizona's big game species.

    Kingman is located just a 100 miles from Las Vegas, and easy to get to. I encourage you to take this class if you are wanting to hunt big game in Arizona. Every point you have changes the odds on drawing, and with the 5%-5% draw system, now there is always the possibility of drawing one of the coveted big game tags..."

    Don Martin
    Chief Instructor
    AZ Hunter Education
    Region 3

    "Every man dies --- not every man really lives."

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