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    great state of Idaho....


    Last morning! We got up a little earlier than we have been getting up, the plan was to be glassing as the sun came up and putting the first decent buck we saw in the cooler. My wife and I are not much of trophy hunters, so this hunt was difficult to hold back. But we both decided that she wanted a really tall one. So thatís what we hunted for, since Wednesday, itís now Sunday morning. We still had a 9 1/2 hr drive home and work on Monday. Filling freezer time! We headed out of town and checked the small chunk of state land for the crazy horned buck. He was nowhere to be found. We continued down the road and did a quick sweep for the dug-out buck, notta. So we decided to go out and look for big ol Limpy 1 more time than itís time to head home. Well we got to his little hidden hole, no Limpy but there were 2 bucks and 5 Does just over a little rise by the trail. Wife and I look at each other and we both immediately knew itís tome. Snuck up to the edge of the little hill, ranged them, 120, wife laid down got comfy Boom! Miss, lol she forgot to hold a touch low, shot some hair off the back, they take a few steps, Boom! It hits the ground immediately for a long term dirt nap lol. My son said 8:22 is when you got your buck mom. A quick photo session and than we dragged it to the truck and boned him out and he road on the top of the cooler for a bit to cool down. It was 36 degrees out and had snowed about 1-2 inches where we were at on our way out.
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    Thanks for sharing the day by day experiences with us. What a fantastic family vacation. Congrats!

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    That is an awesome family trip. Congrats to the whole fam!

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