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    I recently moved to Washington state. I am looking for some people to get involved with, hey lets start slow coffee at public place. I am in the Renton area. I am exploring the local rivers at the moment trying to get in on some fishing. Going to get my feet wet before exploring onX. I am wanting to get out and hike to find some areas to see what kind of terrain I can handle. I have a terrible work ethic, meaning I cant set still, push myself till my body aches. I also look five months pregnant! LOL . I have never backpacked, I have never hunted any game east of the Missouri line. I have ambition, a good rifle, and a quality bow. With some time I will be ready. Just looking for some like minded people (men or women) to talk to. Not looking for any commitments. I have a great family, they are ready to get out there too. I just keep telling them to be patient. I want to figure out how to hunt out here in this public land world.
    Thank You, for your time.

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    Just moved here 3 months ago as well. I'm down in Lacey. Avid Hunter and Fisher. I'm headed to Illinois for 10 days next month, but other than that, I'm free. I have not hunted or fished here yet, since I am just spending the first year researching. Plus, I don't want to pay the nonresident fees. Contact me if you're interested.

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