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    Default SPOT/InReach/SatPhone -- Should be considered a must have in Grizzly country

    What it took to get this MN guy help ( caused me to wonder why these guys didn't have a signalling system - they had the resources.

    The ability to signal for emergency assistance in remote areas is a huge boon to safety (SPOT, InReach, Sat phones, etc.). I am surprised folks don't carry a signalling device as a matter of course. I know a $200 device and $20 a month seems like a lot for some budgets, but compared to the tents, packs, guns, scopes, binos, trucks, coolers, freezers, trailers, high tech sleeping systems, premium ammo, beer, fancy knives, tags, licenses, travel costs, etc it really is a small price to pay in my view.

    And it isn't just about bears. I almost suffocated when snow-shoeing 10 miles out from any human contact at our cabin in northern MN when I plunged 15 feet down into some powder. Broken legs/ankles, heart attacks, animal attacks, gun shots - a lot can happen off the grid and having the ability to signal for assistance can be a game changer.

    And before you label me "fraidy cat", I am not suggesting I am scared, but I like to be prepared. It's no different than when my daughter and I wreck dive and cave dive -- you do the prep, you have the right gear, you plan for the emergency. Seems like in 2018 being prepared in the wilderness should include these (relatively) inexpensive tools.
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    It's akin to our second amendment right to bear arms. "Better to have and not need than to need and not have."
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    Agreed. It's mind boggling to me that people do these excursions this day and age without any emergency signaling system. The #1 goal for every trip should be to return home to your family and friends. Hopefully he has a full recovery.

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    x2 ! I was just in Eastern WY on a solo archery deer hunt last week. Even though I was truck camping I knew the cell signal would be terrible out there with so much distance between towns. (and it sucked!) - So, I activated my InReach subscription for the bare minimum plan. It just brings a sense of security for me and my family in case something stupid happened out there. Several days I would only see 1-3 ranch trucks per day, you may be waiting a while for help in some areas.

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    I agree. Anyone hunting alone should use a PLB of some sort. They can and do save lives every year.

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