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    Default Fires in Central Utah

    We leave at the end of next week for our muzzleloader hunt and my friend just sent a pic of a fire in the Mount Nebo area. Does anyone know the current status?

    Thanks and hope we can still get into our area.

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    See if that fire is included in this tool:

    Not sure where Mt. Nebo is, but if it is near the Pole Creek fire, that fire is only 2% contained and already at 20k acres.

    Good luck with the hunt, hopefully it isn't affected.

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    The fire is 58k growing. Type 1 team Lund is taking over the Pole fire.

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    Several road closures to be aware of.

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    I spoke with a biologist yesterday and we are considering our options. Looks like it's getting bigger, with more crews being assigned to it. Lots to consider, but better to know about it before the hunt while we can adjust.

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    We drove by this fire today and it is big. The smoke was settled down in the canyon that Highway 6 runs through and you couldn't see 100 yards. They ended up closing the road and rerouting people. This is one of those circumstances that I think justifies turning a tag back in. This is going to be a nightmare for hunters with a Nebo tag.

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    We pulled the plug today and will send in our tags. Of course this was a tough call, but it pays to be safe.

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