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    Default budget spotting scope tripod

    Looking for a tripod for my 20-60x80 vortex viper spotting scope. Its a straight spotter not an angled. Would prefer one with a removable plate. Anyone got any recommendations in the Sub 75 dollar range ? First time hunting out west where glassing is required alot and already have racked up quite the bill with necessities.

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    Slik Sprint series. The mini is in your budget, the pro and ez are close depending on which head you prefer.

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    That said, the 80mm is going to be A LOT for any of the heads that come with budget tripods.

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    I was thinking maximum working height of 36 inches or so, I dont plan on standing to use the scope ever, be sitting alot I feel like due to it being top heavy!

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    Can't beat Slik.
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    I've got an ultra light Slik that I just bought. I haven't actually used it yet, so take this next comment with a grain of salt, but it's head sucks pretty much. For a really light scope, it is probably going to be okay. I have a Nikon 50mm fieldscope for instance. But even with that, the head does not pan or tilt smoothly and it does not have quick release capabilities built in. Worse, it does not appear that it has a generic attachment for its head so that I could take it off and replace it with something I like better.

    I'd like a little heavier pod if it meant a bit more sturdiness and a better functioning (and quick release) head.

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    Thanks for all the feedback , leave in 2 weeks ! Cant wait .

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    The Vortex Summit works great for me, I have a 20-60x80 Leopold.

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    Vanguard Alta series is the same shoe as Cabelas Outfitter series window mount. They have worked well for me. I'd definitely recommend getting a tripod that had a window mount with the same shoe available.

    I've had this one on my e-bay watch list if you are really looking to save a few bucks.
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    Thanks for all the recommendations .

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    I used to use a primos trigger stick tripod. More money than you are talking but they are a good shooting aid and double as an optics tripod. Tripods are just too heavy to carry both.

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    +1 more for Slik. I have had one for years with a 50mm and 60mm and have been really happy. The head isn't anything special, but it does the job and hasn't been a problem to the point where I feel I need something new. That being said it might be a little more of a problem with an 85, but it can easily be replaced.

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    Many of the big name tripods are all made in china. They can all typically be found for much cheaper on ebay or amazon by just buying generic or even buying a nicely used item.

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