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    Hey all

    going out on my first pronghorn hunt this weekend in idaho. I will be hunting from a blind. My question is, how big of a cooler will I need if I don't bone out the meat but skin it? I have 120 Quart cooler which I think will be enough but I wanted to see if anyone who has done this has any insight.


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    I just brought mine home from Wyoming in a 75 quart Orca. It was quartered and I had enough room for ice, but no room to spare. I could fit 2 antelope in there if we boned them out.

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    Ok thanks. I am using frozen gallon milk jugs instead of ice so not to get water build up in the bottom.

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    I brought 2 quartered antelope home in a 120 qt. I used dry ice, froze the quarters solid.

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    You will be fine with a 120 quart if you quarter the animal.

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    I used a 120 with 1qt water bottles filled with ice extended gel (12-16 of them) and got my quartered New Mexico buck, head, and full skin (nose to tail) and was still able to put some additional ice in there and still close it up.

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    I think you will be fine with a 120qt.

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    absolutely fine, and likely have room to spare!

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    Thanks all for the advise

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