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    Hello Guys! Started dabbing in photography and will post my pictures in here throughout the different seasons in the year! Feedback is always welcome, if you have any tips or suggestions please comment below!

    To start with are some pics from the first night with the camera, these are from the truck and on auto focus so they are a little blurry at times. The nature pictures are edited:
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    Here are a few as I was making arrows for a Wyoming Elk Hunt next week! Manual focusName:  DSC_0153.jpg
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    Looks good. What is your new set-up?

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    Nikon D3400 with the 18-55 and the 70-300 lenses, Nothing crazy just enough to get my foot in the door. I kinda think ability will do more than equipment, so I am gonna build up my ability first . I have been using snapbridge to get my pics sent to my phone, but I dont think the quality transfers very well. May have to go back to the old fashion downloads and uploads.

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    Love those arrow pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRS_Montana View Post
    Love those arrow pics.
    I feel like that picture resonates with a lot of bow hunters, the feeling of having 24 fresh arrows, all lined up and ready to shoot... magical

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    Here is one I took last year, It was actually with my phone but it turned out great! Obviously edited a little with instagramName:  IMG_20180910_140534_445.jpg
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    A few more phone pics from last year! Name:  20171016_081320_001.jpg
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