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    Thanks guys. This will be a winter project--no way I have time right now. I figured that heavy varnish would be difficult to get off. I'll get some citristrip, study up on how to use it, and start in. Probably over winter break. Ben, I look forward to those pictures.

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    Then again, maybe I'll just rough-sand it and paint it. Something like this maybe:

    Name:  savage-rascal-pink-girls-22-rifle.jpg
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    Here is some reading for you. Of the finish I’ve worked with thus far, I like the Seafin best.
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    Once again, thank you. You do a nice job with a stock, JLS. That pre-64 M70 is particularly nice. After we get settled into our new house a bit more and hunting season is over I’ll dig in. I’ve got a lot to learn.

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