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    Default Episode endings cut off

    Is it just me, or does everyone else have the last 5-10 seconds of each episode cut off when watching on Amazon?

    I've watched a few episodes this afternoon while reloading, and with a bit of each episode left to go it will get cut off and go directly to the next episode. I'd noticed it before, but not watched 3 in a row at once.

    Or, is it just on my end?

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    I've noticed it also. It's always the last few seconds of the show, as the credits are rolling. I chalked it up to Amazon's auto-binge program. If i remember, I'll check to see if it is a setting that can be modified or disabled the next time I turn on Prime video.

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    Mine pops up with the 'next episode window' in the bottom corner, if you hit the back button or cancel or exit etc.. it will let you keep watching the current episode a little longer. Then it pops up again to take you to the next episode with just a few seconds left it seems like. It drove me crazy for quite a while until I figured out to hit the back button lol. Hope that helps

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    Seems like the problem is worse lately. I've had episodes cut off near the end where there's no chance to hit the back button because it cuts to a full screen preview of some dramatic foolishness involving Julia Roberts.

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