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    A licensed attorney can't argue she didn't know they were doing wrong when they did this. The amount of ethics training I have to go through as a licensed engineer is minuscule compared to that of an attorney answerable to the state board. Plus, she should be held accountable for leadership in her role based upon her license, a detail that doesn't apply to hubby. This incident is different from the typical criminal act based upon the foregoing observations, and the legal system knows this. If the legal system in Utah just slaps her hand and lets her wriggle free, other jurisdictions will take note, and I don't think Utah would want that kind of stain to deal with. So, if they do anything up there except slam her and hubby, there will lots of blowback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wllm1313 View Post
    ^ Spot on.

    At least this time McLean's dumb decision didn't get someone killed... 4 dead partners... not exactly a paragon of sound judgement
    Haha, no shit. The guy is a known asshole with a holier-than-thou attitude even among skiers. I had heard that when they served the search warrant they found other hunting gear that had been stolen from other hunters. On the other hand I have also heard that the hunter in question was a known asshole too who the entire neighborhood had repeatedly complained about for setting up his stand in clearly marked "No hunting areas" and so close to property lines that he was basically in peoples backyards. I have no idea which is true or if both are but like the man said, morons are morons and they come in all flavors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ringer View Post
    How did they know how long his stands had been up? LE also found the items in their cabin. She will have to wiggle hard to get out of this one.
    My point is you don't have to be right about the time standard. You just have to have and excuse/allegation/reason to defend your (thier) actions. More tongue in cheek than anything. yeah, this probably isn't the first time.

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    In PA. Stands must be removed from public land two weeks after the close of the season. I know of a few stands in my hunting areas that have been there for years but I still ain't hooking someone else's stuff. Just ain't right. BURN EM!!!!! LYNCH EM!!!FLAY EM!!!!!!
    Never forget our POW/MIA's

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    The lovely couple should have ceded jurisdiction to the ever vigilant and highly successful thought police...a much better conviction rate & no trial necessary.

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    “To me, if you don’t eat it, then it’s not a point of pride”. -Matt Rinella

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    Pretty good Gomer.

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    Thanks Gomer. Still laughing. mtmuley

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    Yessss Gomer....well played

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    I like it...

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    Finally, Gomer becomes the uniter we need.
    get over it commies..

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    Looks like McLean has been let go as a brand ambassador for Black Diamond.

    Sucks to see peoples worlds start to crash as a result of poor decisions. But such are the facts of life, gotta have consequences. Glad BD won't stand for such behavior. Hopefully this can be more of an awakening for such brands to realize we are on the same side. BD fights the public land fight pretty hard and hopefully this situation doesn't cause further divisiveness between the BD types and hunters.

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    An attorney who prosecutes those who commit crimes should be held to a higher standard. For those who wish to pressure the attorneys office to do the right thing and take actions against its employee, the two names available on the Park City Attorneys website is provided below:

    Mark D. Harrington, City Attorney
    (435) 615-5029

    Thomas A. Daley, Sr., Deputy City Attorney
    (435) 615-5028

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