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    Those of you that have taken the class, whatís all involved? do you need to bring any equipment? If you do, what? Iíve read the web sight and left the required messages but havenít gotten any response. Just want to show up prepared.

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    Be on time. Heck, be 30 minutes early so can introduce yourself. Bring notepad and pen if specifics were not mentioned. Is a fast-paced class though never that boring. I learned a few things. Pay attention and you will pass. Get distracted and you might not. I have hunter's ed in 3 states, first aid merit badge, CPR training, hunted several decades, etc, and still missed a question or two I think. I aced two prior hunter's ed tests. Our session had one guy and a couple of younger kids that struggled on the test. I think the missed questions were covered with those individuals and they got some extra class time so had a chance to pass. Not sure if they all did but the goal was for everyone to leave the class knowing more than when arrived and be a safer hunter.

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    It's about 10 hours long, mandatory. Pretty much the same as in all states, common sense really.

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    Take Don Martin’s class in Kingman. I think ours was about 6 hours long. Everyone easily passed and had fun. No online portion and no live firing.

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    Thanks guys, I’m signed up for the class in Phoenix this Saturday.

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    In ours (held in Yuma) they took us on a short trec afield and asked questions as we walked. Ethics stuff, shooting across roads, game care etc. It was hot outside and it was nice to have a hat and water along. As mentioned above it actually was a learning experience.

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    Bring a water bottle for the field portion, they will supply earplugs and pens for the test. It involves a walk through the desert, you won't need boots but leave the flip-flops at home. They also went over some of the ambiguous test questions during the field exercise so pay attention.
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    Thanks for all the input guys, I was way overthinking it. Passed the class with ease.

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    Now all you have to do is draw a tag (or 2) --- good luck!

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