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    Default Tips for CO bear in Grand Mesa

    Hey All,

    Well, good news and bad news.
    Bad News: Didn't get the leftover bear tag for Steamboat Springs.
    Good News: DID get a leftover tag for Grand Mesa area!

    I know there are lots of bears in the area, but my tage covers 6 GMUs, soooo...
    Any tips to narrow it down would be greatly appreciated.
    Since I live on the Front Range (east side of the mountains), and I work for a living, on the ground scouting will be difficult ahead of time, probably impossible.

    Anybody have any general pointers to help me from wandering around aimlessly for a few days?
    Not looking for gps coordinates, just general info you are willing to share.
    I've only ever driven through this area before a few times on my way to/from Grand Junction. Never had the occasion to get out of the truck and roam around.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I see bears and a lot of bear sign in the oak brush on the Forest Service Boundary on the South side of 421.

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    BLM ground west of Cedaredge. In October when they are hyperphagic (hangry), bears are down in the apple orchards between Cedaredge and the BLM.

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    Thanks to you both for the tips.
    I will jump on the computer and start e-plotting my trip.


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