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Thread: Lazy Friends

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    Hunting buddies are like old High School friends. The longer you stick around in this life, the less of them there are. They don't seem to be replaceable.

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    I only have a single elk point and it's in WY, I could buy a 2nd one this year, but I am not even sure if WY is where I should be building points. I just want to GO!! Even if I just shoot a cow!!

    I'd go with you just so we could learn!


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    I would suggest a doe antelope hunt in Wyoming for a first 'Western' hunt. The tags are cheap and they are fairly easy to hunt and the meat is amazing. I also suggest it as a way to see what you need for camping and food and fuel see about planning the logistics of a real hunt out here. Then when you decide to bite the bullet and come out for elk, I'd suggest a cow tag to start with, and you have a streamlined list from a trial run to see what worked and what didn't work. And a cow tag is cheaper and not so hard to swallow if you don't fill your tag.
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    Most of my buddies are the same way and it's kind of a bummer but I understand that not everyone has the same desire to do these kinds of things. I usually plan to go on a hunt Solo but sometimes I can get one of my friends to tag along. As fun as it just to be out hunting and taking a break from reality, in my mind I think it is more memorable to have someone with to share the experience, but to each there own.

    my advice would be to just go out there no matter what and learn as much as you can, see some great country and have fun. That's what it's all about

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    Quote Originally Posted by madtom View Post
    You should never feel like you have to pull your friend's hair to get them to go hunting. If they flake out over buying preference points, imagine when they have to pony up for gas, lodging, etc...
    ...or packing an elk, or staying for the duration of the hunt, or hiking up that big mountain to that meadow you scouted on Google Earth, or, or, etc., those types aren't good guys to hunt the mountains with anyway. Just go man! Hire a guide if that's what you're comfortable with and you want someone to show you the ropes, go on your own if that floats your boat. Bring a fishing rod, maybe when you get here you'll decide elk hunting in the Rockies ain't your thing. But whatever you do, don't miss the chance just because your friends are lazy...

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    I ran into the exact same problem. Most of the people I used to hunt with, you would have to drag them out of the pick up to walk a creek bottom for whitetails.
    Last year I went on my first elk hunt with a couple other guys. I’m very thankful for them letting me tagalong. I learned a tremendous amount and had a blast. One big thing I learned about hunting partners is make sure they’re putting in the same amount of effort as you are. It is extremely frustrating having someone talk a big game and when you get out on the mountain you’re having to carry their stuff or constantly wait on them. Another recommendation I would give you is test your gear before you leave and make sure your hunting partners do as well. It is also extremely frustrating having to head in to the main camp on opening morning because one of your hunting partners forgot a sleeping bag and the others jet boil does not work and of course he insisted on bringing his for the three of us to use. Even though he hasn’t tested it or used it since last year. Bad hunting partners can ruin a good trip pretty quickly.
    Just heading to Wyoming this year for antelope but plan on heading to Colorado or Wyoming next year for elk or mule deer. I am building points in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. If you can’t find anybody local send me a message and we could talk to see if it would work out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hank4elk View Post
    I quit waiting for friends to hunt with a long time ago. I almost always have hunted alone. Did not like hanging in hunt camps with drinking & all either.I was there to hunt,not party or have a social event.
    My one good friend who hunted was a warden & we could go together once in a while due to our schedules.
    He retired after 35 yrs as a warden & he was coming to my place finally a couple years ago to hunt elk. He died from a heart attack mid summer eating lunch after we had made final plans for his trip.

    Go hunt, alone if necessary.
    Sorry to hear it Hank. A good reminder not take this for granted and wait for next time....

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    Longtime close friend and hunting partner (deer, hogs, turkey, etc) for 3 decades retired recently. Aside from a couple solo trips and one trip with just my son and I, we have also chased elk for the last 15 years. I did all the logistics and planning for all those elk hunts. The last couple of years I've been encouraging him to try the solo hunts and start making his own contacts and plans. He's in Arizona today for a bear hunt and has a NM and CO elk hunt planned in October and November.

    I'm jealous.

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    I had the same problem for a long time. The short of it and the best way to end that b. S. Go out get it done, then send them a pitcher of your Success. Weather that is a kill or a great view or whatever. If that doesn稚 get your buddy痴 on the boat it痴 time to find a new dock.

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    Lots of great advice here, I will say after several years of talking about it that last fall my hunting partner and I finally decided to take the leap and despite being intimidating trying to figure out where to go and what to do you just have to go for it...we had a great time and it was much easier to figure out all the logistics than I had expected...already planning future trips now!

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    I wish I hadn't wasted years waiting on friends to get on board.
    I should have gone on my own long ago .
    I agree that an antelope doe hunt is a cheap and great hunt to start a western hunting career.
    But if elk is your goal, I strongly suggest buying points a few years for elk and getting a mule deer tag in regions you hope to elk hunt. This way you can learn the area and have fun hunting deer while you save up for a good elk hunt.
    This is the way I will be hunting Wyoming from now until I feel I know an area good enough to spend my elk points on.
    States like Colorado hand out elk tags alot more generously. But regardless, it's cheaper to buy deer and antelope tags and learn on those hunts what you can.

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    I am another who has wasted years trying to drag others along. I wanted to share the experience with somebody so I brought my brothers and brother in law for a few years. Their under preparedness would ruin my hunt more than it was worth. I go solo now. I had an agreement with my brother in law that I would call for him and he hunt one year and the next year we would switch. When we got to Colorado he was in such bad shape that we had to turn around and come home early. We never made it to the year where he called for me. I now go on my own and don't try to bring anybody along.

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    My dad and I had the same problem for many years. In fact, I would say we waited d 6-7 years on a lot of promises and "some day" I could have had a whole slew of points and hunts if I'd started around 2005 when I first got interested. Instead, it wasn't until 2013 on a trespass antelope hunt that we broke into western hunting. Lots of research and money later, I can't ever envision myself not hunting somewhere out west every year. My dad is getting up in years and I realize I'm going to have to go solo for a while until my boys get older. I'd say do what you have to to get your feet wet. I promise once you get a taste, you'll want more.
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    FWIW - I have "lazy friends" or more accurately, less committed, right here in Wyoming.
    I do all of my ruck training with my dog, most of my scouting and shooting practice with my lady and my dog.
    I generally hunt alone.
    I figure it's only a matter of time before I end up as grizzly scat. LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by netman View Post
    I知 hunting Colorado and Wyoming DIY style by myself this fall. After this years expense next year will be license and fuel cost. I知 set up to truck camp and/or pack in hunt to get the job done.
    I知 from the Evansville Indiana area.
    Man I知 so excited to be going! Just a few more things need to be done and I値l be ready.
    Thanks for the info. Im from Evansville too.

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    Hi GWKnowles. I live in Hamilton County, IN.

    There are 3 types of hunters - those who dream of hunting, those who hunt, and those who wish they had.

    To hell with the Armchair hunters. They are full of bullshit anyway. Been down that road. Get out West and hit the mountains. You will not regret it. I’ve been soloing for a decade now. Had some grest trips and many more to come...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless Range View Post
    Welcome to HuntTalk.

    I say leave em behind. They are only in your way.

    You don't need an outfitter. You have a year to acquire knowledge and millions of acres of public land await. You won't regret it.

    As a solo hunter I agree with everyone who's responded. But I have to ask, how old are you and why are you waiting until 2019?

    You've already lost a year of elk hunting before you even begin! Time's a wasting. Buy an over the counter bull elk license, pack the truck and head to Colorado.
    So far, so good.

    Eagle Scout 1968, WWW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hummer View Post
    As a solo hunter I agree with everyone who's responded. But I have to ask, how old are you and why are you waiting until 2019?

    You've already lost a year of elk hunting before you even begin! Time's a wasting. Buy an over the counter bull elk license, pack the truck and head to Colorado.
    I would like to go this year but I'm headed to Punta Cana in October with the wife..Priorities

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    After going with guides for a few years and discovering that I am more prepared than they... I am going it alone in Montana this year. Well, not quite alone as my son (in 20's) will go along with me. I figure can't do any worse than the guided hunts on public land and the two of us buying all the top of the line backcountry gear has spent less than one guided hunt would cost. Plan to do this every year forward now too so cost per year will go down... Intend to walk in as far as we can and sleep with the elk each night until we find one worth packing out.

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    I suggest a DIY antelope hunt ASAP. It'll get you started in Western hunting and have a high probability of success. It'll be a good shakedown of your camping gear, etc.
    A real problem for getting groups together is the points systems. If a hunter gets serious, he usually gets in the points game. Hard to find partners with the same points. Stick around here and see what you come up with.

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    Out of maybe 8-10 people who have "seriously" wanted to go with me, only one actually ever committed and actually hunted. He is a boss.

    You can "plan" for others to come but you have to also "plan" that most/all will flake and plan to be able to execute your plan with or without them. I just roll with a big tipi tent or small tipi tent depending on numbers and I'm good to go.

    Only others that always come and hunt are family who got interested once I started. They must have the same crazy blood or something, though.
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    i have tons of friends and family that swear they are going each year, guess what they don't. doesn't bother me, I plan the hunt each year, buy my tag, and take off with my brother and son. we have a blast. it' their loss. go while you can, you will run out of time likely before you run out of money.

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    Its not easy, and not all types are cut out for it. Nothing wrong with going solo.

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    Stay as active as you can on this forum. There are a lot of very experienced and very friendly western hunters on here. Soak up all the information you possibly can here and elsewhere. YouTube has been a huge source of information for me. Check out the Born and Raised Outdoors guys on YouTube. They have a series called land of the free. Some people consider it elk university. In actuality it's western hunting 101. Randy has some amazing videos on escouting and western hunting both on Amazon Prime and YouTube. Jump in with both feet and educate yourself as much as possible. No question you will find a hunting partner on this forum if you're a good guy and serious about your hobby. Good luck!!
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