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    Default Recommendations on places to stay near Antelope Unit 7 in Wyoming

    Looking for recommendations on places to stay. I was going to pull my camper out and park in Newcastle at Auto Inn & RV Park but had a water line rupture while I was checking everything out today and can't get it fixed in time. We are leaving Sunday morning and will be there late that afternoon. Would welcome any recommendations from anyone who's been there or from someone who is from the area......Thanks in advance!

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    The Sundowner Inn in Newcastle. It's a small place, a little older. It's clean though, and the owners are really good people. They're hunters too. I've stayed there for several hunts in that area.

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    Hotel in Bill, WY , I have not stayed there but researched it a little. It is west of you a bit. Also sending you a PM.

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    The population of Bill has doubled in the last few years from 5 to eleven!! (This is up from 3 in my childhood days)
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