100 grains Soilds have been my go to for everything since 2012. Deer, moose, elk, bear, goats , Soilds have performed well on all of them.
I picked up some 100 grain vented IRonwills the end of last fall, so far they been excellent as well. I have only killed deer with them so far ..very impressed with the construction, materials, performance and flight. I plan on using them the next three weeks elk hunting.
Another head that I killed a bunch of game with and is extremely versatile is the Viper trick.

So for heads that would recommend for elk, or anything for that matter are. Soilds, IW and Viper Tricks.
I have killed an elk with a mechanical head ( rocket steelhead ) and been on recoveryís for elk killed with other mechanical heads and honestly ...I am not impressed with the performance on elk. Mechanicals have place for me but elk hunting isnít it.
A fairly heavy arrow and solidly constructed fixed blade head will get you boringly dependable performance on elk...or anything else for that matter.