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    Default Help!! Vortex viper 4-12x40

    So i went to sight in my TC .270 last night. I have a vortex viper 4-12x40. After much adjustment,well over 30 clicks down, Im still about 12 inches high at 100 yards. The adjustments didn't move anything one bit. My groupings are the size of a quarter so I don't think its the rifle. Its a new scope so maybe its just a bad one? I have no experience with this so Im hoping someone could way in. I did check my mounting and torque values. I put about half a box of nosler 150 grains through it and like I said, Im grouping them about the size of a quarter and i can't get any vertical adjustment from the scope. Thanks in advance!
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    My initial thought is the turret cap is not tightened down. There should be three set screws, loosen them and see if you can push it down to engage the gearing.

    I would also just call directly to Vortex, their customer service is second to none.
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    I think vortex has a warranty or perhaps if you just bought the scope you can return it trade it in. Unless it's some odd thing with the design of the turrets then I would guess that the elevation should adjust when you adjust it.

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    Recheck your torque on your rings. Vortex scopes are very sensitive to being torqued over specs when adjusting for elevation. I had the same issues a few years ago on my wifes' rifle and it was fixed by retorquing to correct specs.

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    I’d take it back and swap out for a newer one. I have 4 Vortex scopes. 1 Razor and three Vipers. Never had this kind of problem adjusting.

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