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    Default Blacktail...not on an island.

    Hey all. I'm 75-90 percent cancelled my pronghorn trip this fall after deciding that the access issues for my leftover unit just aren't worth it. I figured since I already have an Alaska hunting license it's not much more to go somewhere where I don't have to share a stump with another hunter

    I'd be going in October so too late to be ideal for black bear probably. I'veve always wanted to hunt blacktail sometime but this would have to be based off a road system though I'd be hiking in and living on the ground. It'd be in October so I think in the thick stuff in the rut...not my first choice but I can't go in September. question:. Has anyone ever hunted around Ketchikan or Juneau? I know they have smaller deer than the island locations but I've also read that at least one of those towns has plenty of trails around it. That'd be great...and reasonably accessible for me.

    PS if you aren't comfortable posting even about the general location around cities on the forum, please pm I appreciate the help. Please no details posted publically!

    Ps2 specifically prince of Wales or Kodiak island as Ketchikan is technically on an island
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    Limiting yourself to a mainland deer hunt is a SEVERE limitation. If Ketchikan is on your list, POW is a short ferry ride. You're going to rent a vehicle either way, right? Make the trip to POW & kill a good buck.

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    Out of curiosity why are you bagging on the antelope leftovers? I don't know what unit you have but I've hunted only leftover units for 6 or 7 straight years and was able to fill most of my tags. Only last year did i fail to find a buck on public in the time i had to hunt. Limited access can be frustrating no doubt but you can have a good hunt if you are willing to work harder than most.
    I have no knowledge or experience on the deer hunting in the areas you mentioned but if i were going to spend the cash to get that far, i would try to cough up a little more and get to POW or Kodiak.

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    Hey, I think I've reached the same conclusion about heading to POW and even more so now. I've heard about trails around Juneau but I'm sure I'd have to do a connector through Ketchikan anyways and the ferry ride would be easier.

    Yeah as far as pronghorn hunting there was only two main areas that were accessible to the county road and the more I though about it the more I thought, "Why?". Then, I tried to look into tresspas fees to access the landlocked areas but was advised probably not. Could I pull it off with some work, yeah there's a good chance I guess. Would it be as fun as hiking around POW with limitless opportunities going after an equally cool animal? Well, that's up for each to decide. I haven't pulled the plug on Wyoming yet but I'm leaning further and further in that direction.

    Thanks for the insights!!

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    I have hunted around Juneau when I was growing up for sitkas. I hunted on Douglas because of their trail system but it gets hit hard because of the easy accessibility for locals. Don't need a boat to get there. That's why I was able to do it. I would recommend looking more into POW island for a better opportunity. Also if I remember correctly they rutted more towards the end of October, Halloween seemed like the time of year every body was out deer hunting.

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    Last year in early November I hunted for a week on Gravina Island which is where the Ketchikan airport is located. I had originally planned on POW and wish I had stuck to that plan. The rut should have been on but I only saw does on two occasions and never saw a buck. I talked to other hunters on the airport ferry that hunted POW. Some punched their tags, others didn't. They road hunted.

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    There is an "Alaska Blacktail Forum" on FB. Lots of posters from POW. Might be worth a look.

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