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  1. Default Here we go, after dinner coyotes

    D-I-L and I went North of town to do an after dinner coyote call. We only planned to do the one set so we invested a lota time in the walk out. To the west the State land runs for 3 miles, normal set is under 1/2 mile from the road. We walked about a mile and a half. We looked for the "Right" spot to set up. The wind was straight in to our face and we had plenty of elevation with good cover. I put the call about 25 yards west of us out in the open with Kugo to it's side. Hoping if the coyotes tried to circle around we would see them. 20 minutes in to the set I see two out about 2 miles running straight in to us. It took a very short time for them to cover the distance. They get to with in about 400 yards and just set down, Humm...

    I just let the fox pro run with a pup in distress noise on medium volume play. About 5 minutes and they broke to come in. Straight up the drainage we are sitting in.

    In the back of my mind I was afraid the would run in to close to shoot with the rifles. So I let out a loud bark at about 250 yards. The stopped instantly . My daughter in law knows the drill you get like 10 seconds to pick a dog and shoot before they catch on they have been duped. It sounded like one shot in fact ,I thought she forgot to shoot. BUT I did not see any running coyotes. Two lay dead on the ground. She was shooting her 204 and I had the heave six.

    She got part of it on here phone video.

    To far and steep for a picture sorry, still a mile and a half back to the truck and the sun was starting to fade.

    PERFICT and a nice sunset to boot...

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    Cool evening, congrats

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